Friday, January 29, 2016


Time for another artsy exchange! This one is to celebrate International Correspondence Writing Month. Please read the form carefully and sign on for a month of Artist Trading Card fun! Form will be closed after 10 participants commit. I will provide the list of participants to everyone on it no later than Sunday, January 31, 2016. Because of the short sign up time - you won't have a chance to back out. Sign up ONLY if you are serious about completing the project.

and because the information disappears when you submit - here it is again...

9 Cards in 29 days. Easy Peasy.

I would like to start an Artist Trading Card exchange to happen during International Correspondence Writing Month (INCOWRIMO). This one is going to be much quicker turnaround than the Travelling Sketchbook Society is and gives people a chance to get in for something artsy with a quicker turnaround.

THERE WILL ONLY BE 10 SPACES! I want to keep this attainable to do in one month so only the first 10 people to sign up will get in. Each person will create 9 artist trading cards. You do not need to make a card for yourself.


Be prepared to put in some effort. I don’t care what your medium is, but I’d like to see everyone sending little “works of art” along. Not just the same lettered quote to everyone (not that quotes are bad, but you could put it on the back of the card or in a letter if you so desired). They may be quick to do, but these are not "quick sketches".

On the signup form, each person will be required to list their favourite thing. It can be an animal, a hobby, a place. Whatever. Design your card for that person around that theme. Your interpretation. This will make more sense once you get the surprise I will include with each of my cards.

On the back of your card, write your name, the date and your location. You could also list the medium or tools used.

You will complete your mini work of art on an artist trading card size paper. You can make your own cards out of your favourite paper or buy premade ones, but the dimensions of the card are not to exceed 2.5 x 3.5 inches (64 mm × 89 mm). THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

In the spirit of INCOWRIMO, when you send your cards, include a short note. It can simply be to describe what you used or to tell them that you really enjoyed drawing that subject. You are not required to send anything more than the ATC and a note.

When you have completed and sent to someone, please update the tracking on the group spreadsheet.

It is up to you whether you want to post your work on Instagram, but if you do - please use the hashtag #ATC4INCO You don't need to tag the recipient if you want it to be a surprise.

This is open to participants worldwide, but I will close the form at 10 participants. Please sign up only if you feel you can complete the work within the month of February. All cards must be mailed no later than February 29, 2016. You are committing to lettermail postage for 9 cards to anywhere in the world. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to see this commitment through. Sure, you will have some fun and creative work ahead of you, but you will also have 9 mini works of art arriving in your mailbox in the coming weeks (and the aforementioned surprise from me). That is pretty exciting stuff right there! If this works out, I may make it an annual thing for Incowrimo.

Cautionary note: We are dealing with strangers and the public mail system. I would love to think that everyone is honest and will participate within the parameters of the rules but sometimes that doesn't happen. Sometimes someone is a shit and just takes without giving. Please don't be that person because it ruins it for everyone. Sometimes mail gets lost. By signing up, you understand this and promise to be a decent human being who isn't a shit. I am not going to be babysitting or chasing people.

Thanks for playing! and, most importantly, have fun! Go forth and create.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Travelling Sketchbook Society

and because the original message vanishes when you submit the form - here it is again...

Hello & bonjour, my friend!  I have been participating in some fun snail mail exchanges recently and it has inspired me to start one of my own.   A Travelling Sketchbook Society!   Obviously, you're curious.  You're here, after all.  

The basic idea is that each person supplies a small blank notebook (field notes size or smaller is best to save on shipping since the notebook will be a world traveller when it's done)  

Make sure you write your own information on the inside cover - Your name and address and social media info.  If you would like your sketchbook to have a theme - state it here.  Otherwise people can draw or create whatever they want.  Once the book makes its way back to you - you will have a little book of wonderful art from around the world to cherish forever!

How it will work: 
Send your notebook to the next person on the list (once signups have closed, you'll receive a link to a spreadsheet with everyone's addresses in your group and where to send yours to) and that person can take a week to draw/doodle/collage/calligraph/whatever on a page or two.  Once the week is up - the book must be sent along so that the process keeps moving.  Books are to be sent lettermail - tracking isn't necessary, let's keep this affordable for everyone - make sure you check with the post office to ensure you do have sufficient postage.  Also - please be patient.  Sometimes the postal system likes to be slow (like around the holidays) and it might be a bit of a lull between books.  

You can always create your art on Artist Trading Card (ATC) size paper and paste it into the books when you receive them (it works well - no bleed through on the notebooks and gives you something to do while you wait so you can send the books out again quickly when they reach you).

Open worldwide.  Do not sign up if you are not willing to send to wherever you have to.   You will always be sending to the same person and I will do my best to sort the list geographically to keep postage low and delivery times quick.

Please only complete the form below if you are serious about committing to an exchange that could go on for months.   I will limit the mailing groups to 10 people to make it manageable but remember you are committing to the postage costs of sending 10 notebooks.

Signups will close October 31, 2015.  Notebooks should be sent no later than November 5. As soon as I have 10 people signed up - I will send out the address list for that group and then again for each of the following groupd of 10. No need to wait if you want to get started right away.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ink Painting

Hi everyone!  I know. This blog has been slightly abandoned of late. I am hoping to change that.   

Lately, I've been obsessed with ink painting.  What do I mean by that? Well, pert of what got me back on the sketching train was seeing the magic that happens when you use a waterbrush over a fountain pen sketch.  So I'm playing with tones and having a whole lot of fun with it.  Even better - it's given me something to do as I wait for my field note swap books to come in.  These are some ATC ink paintings I've made to include in those books.  

Friday, October 3, 2014

DIY Coloured Discs - Nail Polish

This post was originally posted over on my discbound blog, but I have been thinking these two should be combined so am moving the posts over.

Right now, in Canada, there is such a lack of colour for discbound users.   The States has significantly more options to colour your world.  I posted a question to a discbound group I belong to on whether anyone had ever tried to colour the black disks and no one seemed brave enough to try.

Well, for the $3 it'd cost for a set of discs - I figured I could take one for the team and experiment.

The way I figured it - there were a few options that I could try:
  • Nail polish
  • Plastic spray paint
  • Paint marker (sharpie makes an oil based one)
I have a huge nail polish collection so I decided to start there.

The things I figured might happen were:
  • The polish may not coat evenly
  • The polish may scrape off when put into use
  • Pages may not turn as smoothly
Ok - very real considerations...but I still set to work.

The nail polish I decided to use was a holographic blue-purple called Blue Blaze by Maybelline Color Show. I'd been wanting discs in a metallic purple so, if this worked - that'd be exactly what I would have!

It took a couple of coats to get all of the black covered.  It wasn't perfect, but that's okay...This was just the experiment...if it worked, there would be time to aim for perfect next time.

Handy tip! K-cup pods are perfect for holding discs in place so you can paint the edges!

It did take an entire bottle of polish to paint 8 discs.

Then I was on to the next stage in the experiment:


I loaded the newly iridescent discs onto my personal planner.

The first thing I noticed is that the pages do turn a bit stiffer, but not bad.  I moved the covers back and forth on the discs and there was a bit of polish showing on the edge of the punches of the cover, but no apparent scraping on the discs.

So far so good.

I left the discs on my planner for a full week to give them a really thorough test...

and the verdict?

It's not bad!  I'm actually happy with how it turned out.  The nail polish held up.  It didn't scrape off down to the original disc colour.  after a couple of days, the pages started to turn easier - perhaps not as well as a bare disc, but not bad for how full my planner is.

I hauled this thing with me everywhere all week - just like usual.  I hauled it in and out of my work bag or purse, it sat on my desk all day.  It lived through my kids moving it around at home.   And the discs lived to tell the tale.

At the end of the day - I am actually keeping the polished discs on my planner.  I love the colour and, until the day I get rich and can buy my highly coveted Twilight discs...this offers a fun new way to custom colour discs for myself since I can't get ANY colours here in Canada.

It has inspired me to attempt more disc colouring experiments with other mediums.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

From Placemat to Discbound Cover

This post was originally posted over on my discbound blog, but I have been thinking these two should be combined so am moving the posts over.

I was heading into Dollar Tree to get supplies for another cover craft when I stumbled upon these thin damask placemats.  Eyeballing told me they should be enough to create a letter cover from, but if they weren't there was definitely room for juniors.

I bought 2, just in case.

Sizing up to a poly letter cover I saw my eyeballs hadn't failed me.  They were the PERFECT height, though not quite wide enough to make a front and back cover out of just one placemat.

So - I traced the width onto the back

and cut it with my paper trimmer.  They were slightly thicker than a poly cover, but not so thick that they caused any difficulty in the trimmer or punch.   Before long I was ready to add some discs

and paper.

Voila - one new letter sized discbound notebook

and - even better - there was enough leftover on the two placemats for a junior....

Supplies needed: 

  • Dollar store plastic placemat with an all-over pattern
  • discs
  • punch
  • paper trimmer (or another decent way to get a straight cut)
Time to complete: less than 10 minutes

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jan 19/14: Pool bag

I've been knitting more these days.   Still - being creative is being creative.  Hoping to post here more this winter.

First project knitting in the round. I am seriously in love with how this turned out.
Cotton yarn - Sugar n' Cream and Handicrafter
Knit on my beautiful rainbow needles from KnitPicks